Welcome to Arnhem


Welcome to Arnhem!

We welcome you to the city between nature reserve the Veluwe and the river Rhine. A city of art and culture, fashion and design, energy and environment, shopping and to do business and more!




We believe that a good living environment contribute to a successful live. A key element is your accommodation. That need to be secure for any threats, to be spacious, pleasing and affordable. It would be our pleasure to provide this all for you and to be a part of your success in Arnhem !!!

Outings and excursions

During a stay in the Netherlands most people want to see something from the country they’re staying in. We arrange outings to places of interest in the Netherlands.


We can arrange all the transportation you will be needing in Arnhem; Car, truck, bus, bike, motorcycle, bus/train card.

Restaurants / diet wishes

We can show you the best restaurants in town, the best food for the best prices. Where do the locals eat…? We can tell you! We can also show you restaurants for special diets like vegetarian, kosher or halal food.